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Community Family Welfare Association was established in 2053  BS (1996) in Deodiha VDC ward no. 8 of Dhanush district as a non-profitable Community Based Organization (CBO) with ...
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Yongbyon reactor 'nearing The reactor provided plutonium for Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme.Steam has been seen... Read more
HIV AIDs Program Continiue at Mahotari District   Planning and Review Meeting (12-14 July 2014) CFWA has been commenced HIV & AIDS... Read more
1st Indor Air pollution Free VDC In Dhanusha District   Opening ceremony of Indoor Air Pollution Free  VDC Continue reading the main story Related... Read more
Nutrition Rehabitation Home Started in Janakur Regular Checkup Child in NRH Center   An inauguration ceremony was organized jointly by... Read more
PAF Program Started in Dhanusha District     ;fd'bfoLs ;+:yfsf] dfl;s a}7s     sfo{qmdsf] kl/ro M   k|hftfGqLs, Gof;+ut,... Read more
"Nutraion Is Our Right" Program Started in Dhanusha District     Orientation to Pregnant Women on Nutrition  at community Level. WHEREAS, There is an... Read more