Health and Nutrition

Nutrition plays a vital role in keeping one’s life healthier and leading a life free from diseases. In remote areas of Dhanusha and Mahottari, most children and deprived of basic food rights. CFWA works actively in this area too, we educate the parents about Nutrition and provide them with necessary supplements to feed their children with essential nutrition.

  • Increased access and availability of key Maternal and Newborn Health(MNH) services and supplies for mothers/women of reproductive age (15-45) and newborns
  • Improved quality of key MNH services for mothers/women of reproductive age (15-45) and neonates
  • Improved knowledge and acceptance of key MNH practices and services.
  • Improved the Enabling Social and Policy Environment for Key MNH services
  • Increased availability, access and use of health, hygiene, and nutrition services for all school-age children.
  • Improved quality of the school environment to promote health, hygiene, well-being and safety
  • Improved opportunities for increasing health related knowledge, attitudes, practices and behaviors through classroom, peer-led and community outreach interventions
  • Improved coverage of local to national policies, systems, capacities, resources and community support for SHN.
  • Support to improve services on COVID-19 in hospital/HFI and community awareness